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At Nexus Arcane, we strive to create unforgettable gaming experiences that transport players to new worlds and challenge their perceptions. Join us on our journey as we bring our unique vision to life.



Dunkler Wolf - Adventure Tales

Third-person adventure game where the player embodies the Wolf King, whose people were annihilated, and he seeks vengeance to free the souls of his companions. This was my first project using the Unity 3D game engine and my first experience with C# programming. Assets were used for 3D models and music, while all programming and design are entirely my own.

Slime Frenzy

Top-down style game created for the GMTK 2022 GameJam. This marked my first-ever participation in a team project, where we had to develop a game within 48 hours using the Unity 3D game engine. In this endeavor, my role was that of a Sound Designer, responsible for crafting the immersive audio experience

Game 4

Unleash your creativity in a sandbox world where the possibilities are endless. Build, craft, and explore in this open-world adventure that lets you shape your own destiny.

Game 3

Experience the thrill of high-speed racing in futuristic environments. Customize your vehicles, master challenging tracks, and compete against players from around the world.

Embark on a thrilling space exploration journey as you traverse the vast galaxies. Discover new planets, encounter alien species, and uncover the secrets of the universe.

Game 5

Step into the shoes of a detective and solve complex mysteries in a noir-inspired city. Uncover clues, interrogate suspects, and unravel the truth in this gripping narrative-driven game.

multicolored abstract painting
multicolored abstract painting
Game 6

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We are Nexus Arcane Game Studio, an Indie Game Studio driven by our passion to create exceptional gaming experiences. Through our games, we aim to express our unique perspective and captivate players with immersive gameplay and storytelling. Join us on our journey as we bring our visions to life.

two person standing on gray tile paving
two person standing on gray tile paving

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